We loved it so much and then waited for it for a long time: Chainsaw Man is one of the most beautiful manga of recent years, with its exaggerated and crazy pacing. This strong adrenaline component then joins the misadventures of Denji, who is imprisoned in an ad hoc life, from which he is able to free himself at the end of the eleventh volume chainsaw man.

And as the author prepares for a new unreleased oneshot, this time alongside another mangaka, the bombshell news everyone has been waiting for arrives. Chainsaw Man Part 2 will be released on July 13, 2022 on Shonen Jump+, the digital platform of the Shueisha house that Tatsuki Fujimoto has chosen as the new home for his manga after the first part was published for two years on the better-known Weekly Shonen Jump. It is to be revealed by the editor Shihei Lin on Twitter. At the moment It is not known if the manga will also appear on MangaPlus in English and other languages.

Denji will be back, this time in a completely different situation and without having some of the most distinctive characters of the first part at his side. He will enter a high school context and will have to coordinate everything with the life of a devil hunter. Nothing is known yet about the plot of the second part of Chainsaw Man, but surely Tatsuki Fujimoto, with his usual skill, has managed to prepare a high-level product that we will discover in the coming months.

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