Over the course of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations episode 218, the Seventh Hokage had to greet his closest friend, a brother who has been with him for better and for worse since day one. But is it a goodbye or a goodbye?

Almost defeated by Isshiki Otsutsuki, Naruto attacked at Kurama's suggestion Baryon mode, a final trump card, but one that consumes the whole life of those who use it. Or rather, that's what the unconscious Seventh Hokage believed. At the end of one of the most moving speeches in the entire work, actually the only a sacrifice your life it's the nine-tailed fox But can a hunter die?

According to part of the community, the one with Kurama wasn't really a goodbye, but just goodbye. As explained in the course of Kishimoto's work, a bijuu cannot die of battle injuries or old age. A seeker only dies when exhausts his chakrabut after a few centuries, when he regains his whole chakra, he comes back to life through reincarnation.

This is exactly what happened to Kurama during the fight with Isshiki. In fact, the baryon mode has completely drained his chakra and sanctioned his ultimate death. Following this philosophy, however, a very distant day Kurama is coming again to populate the ninja world.

We leave you for the last farewell to the Seventh Hokage in the Boruto 218 promotional image.

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