The Bleach anime series debuted on October 5, 2004 and as of March 27, 2012, Studio Pierrot produced a total of 366 episodes. However, the adaptation of the manga of the same name by Tite Kubo remained incomplete for more than 10 years. The wait is almost over Bleach: The Thousand Years War about to arrive.

Bleach: The Millennial War will debut on Disney+ simulcast on October 10th. That will be there Season 17 of the anime, returning after a long hiatus that left a huge void with fans. L'Bleach's final story arc is finally being adapted from the anime series. However, the epilogue is still a long way off as Bleach: The Millennial War is split into four cours.

Ahead of the upcoming debut, Twitter insider @JaymesHanson shared this Teaser preview of the first episode, through which we can enjoy Pierrot's new animations. The war between the Soul Society shinigami and the Quincy, led by the terrible Ywhach, is about to explode, and in the video we can enjoy a preview of the premise of this latest saga.

Ichigo and his companions will soon have to face it threat of the Star Knights, Elite Corps of the Wandenreich. As Bleach initiates a collaboration with Coca-Cola, currently exclusive to Japan, The Millennial War begins in Animedia Magazine's illustration.

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