That true final battle between Luffy and Kaido, after the first meeting in Wano, directed in a few seconds in favor of the Emperor, began more than a year ago. Most recently, the anime reached out with the gorgeous ONE PIECE 1015, which took Luffy to the rooftop of Onigashima against the two emperors. In the manga, of course, the story continues.

All of Kaido's soldiers have been defeated, Big Mom has been eliminated by Law and Kid, even Orochi seems to have met his own end after Denjiro's attack. The last situation that remains to be resolved is therefore that between the two captains, where Luffy and his powerful attack are ready to extinguish the flames that threaten Onigashima. That ONE PIECE 1049 spoiler with pictures available below give us a very thorough look at what's going on.

Yonji and Niji are stuck in the book, but it caught fire because of someone. After the mini-adventure, it's back to Luffy's shot he takes Start a flashback of Kaido. You see the emperor as a child, already with a menacing look. Time passes and Kaido grows up, he too is captured by the Navy, his size keeps increasing until he meets Whitebeard on Hachinose Island, who takes him to Rocks D. Xebec. As an adult, he creates his own crew and begins to group people alongside him.

meanwhile in the present, The CP0 agent runs away from Onigashima, while the population is still celebrating and the pirates are still fighting. Raizo's waters flow all over the island and out, and Denjiro continues to protect Komurasaki. However, Onigashima starts to fall and this is where Momonosuke comes in and with great effort manages to create a cloud of fire that holds the island while Luffy hits Kaido full on. The Emperor is thrown at Wano as he recalls a moment when he warned King that he would be defeated by Joy Boy.

Kaido lies on the ground, Onigashima slowly descends near the Flower Capital with an exhausted Momonosuke. there ONE PIECE Battle is wonbut also Luffy seems to be exhausted in the meantime.

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