Studio MAPPA is continuously working on many projects. By now, the name of this studio is well known to anime audiences, and it will be even more in the coming months. In fact, Chainsaw Man is among the most anticipated souls of the year, and this title is part of the MAPPA stable. There is much curiosity surrounding this dark story.

The first trailer has already captivated millions of people who flocked to Youtube to meet Denji and the other protagonists. In the enigmatic and dark video he has Makima also performed, the redheaded woman who will be nothing short of fundamental to Chainsaw Man. There are only a few moments where she appears as most of the scene was dedicated to Denji, but it took little to make it clear that she is an important character. Obviously those who have read the manga know what its plot is and what it will entail, but we'll find out later.

In the meantime, here's one Chainsaw Man Makima cosplay Made by Saint Agnia, cosplayer who has the role of a government agent but doesn't fail to equip himself with chains and a leash. A great lover of dogs, this Makima does not want her commands disobeyed and will not tolerate disobedience.

In case you don't remember, here's the first trailer of Chainsaw Man.

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