For narrative reasons, Hajime Isayama had to take advantage of the time jump phenomenon to speed up the story and show readers the latest happenings. The Sensei has used this tool several times while writing The attack of the giants, the last of which arrived in connection with the fourth season.

While Studio MAPPA has finally begun unveiling the Research Corps' first character designs, through to the first episode of Attack of the Giants 4, it's time to do a little round-up in light of the debut of the highly acclaimed "final season". . Before we start, let us remind you that Season 4 will not be split and as a result it will end at the end of the 16 planned episodes.

Isayama Sensei angrily views the character age discourse as a superficial element of the story, so it is necessary to use information given to us by Eren's age Nile Doak, Commander of the Gendarmerie Corps. In chapter 19 he reveals that Eren was 9 years old in 844, at the time the protagonist saved Mikasa. At the age of 10, Eren witnessed the rupture in Wall Maria and a whole series of events that will lead him to harbor a deep hatred of the giants. After a year on the farm and another four years of training with Mikasa and Armin, Eren joins the army at the age of 15, where he discovers that he has the ability to transform himself into a giant.

Four years have passed since the Battle of Shiganshina District and Hajime Isayama with Chapter 91, which is also adapted in Episode 1 of the fourth season, starts the new saga of The Attack of the Giants. The year 854 is running, Eren is now a man and has grown up with his current 19 years.

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