In the manga ONE PIECE Clashes continue, with the Straw Hat crew and their allies defying the two emperors, Big Mom and Kaido. In the last published chapter we saw an incredible technique by Zoro. Let's go into detail.

Eiichiro Oda's work entered the heart of the war to liberate Wano Island from the tyranny of Kaido. As Luffy, Sanji and Jinbe attempt to reach the whereabouts of the evil emperor in the central square of Onigashima Robin, Brook. Zoro and choppers are battling the terrible virus introduced in the final chapters of ONE PIECE produced by the superstar queen. At this point he entrusted the pirates Scratchmen Apoo the antidote to his own creation by breathing life into a brutal struggle.

In the confusion of the clashes, Chopper was also infected by the enemy's weapon on the previous pages of ONE PIECE. However, with the rest of the story published, the situation soon seems to end best. In chapter 997, Zoro states Kiku's arm fall from the ceiling of the island and, enraged, quickly counterattack.

While Apoo suddenly fights with X Drake is hit by an extraction technique of the swordsman of the crew of the protagonists. The latter leaves those present surprised, without saying a word, envelops the katana while the opponent falls, defeated by the single blow. This enables the winner too restore the healing entrust the virus and chopper so that he can save all infected.

Zoro later He directs his attacks on Queenused to defend the hole that leads to the area where the battle with Kaido takes place. What do you think of the swordsman technique? And do you think the superstar will be his next opponent? Let us know with a comment.

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