The first episode of The attack of the giants 4 is getting closer so that the countdown of the production workers continues. Let's look at the new figure.

The new season of animated adaptation that will bring the story told by Hajime Isayama to a close is eagerly awaited by fans who can currently do so Count the days remaining on the fingers of one hand before the first episode aired. This actually applies to the Japanese schedule, which states the episode will be released on December 6th, even though the actual airing time is after December 24th, which is the day of December 7th. However, this gives us instant access to the new illustration shared by the anime's production staff.

The official Twitter account has actually started a countdown waiting for the first episode of The Attack of the Giants 4. At the end of this message you can see the tweet showing the drawing of Color designer of the new anime Ayako Suenaga.

In the picture we can identify some of the new characters that is presented in the new animated season that does not fail to remember the beginning of the same one that was set afterwards 5 days from the publication of the sketch.

Among the various recent stocks related to the expected event, I also report on the faces of the protagonists as they will appear in The Attack of the Giants 4.

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