Published since October 2012 on WSJ, The seven deadly sins it was received with great enthusiasm and interest. This success has resulted in an animated transposition with a rather messy production history, which we'll try to make clear by answering the question: How many seasons does The Seven Deadly Sins have?

The first intentions of bring the adventures of Meliodas to the screens, who set out with Elizabeth in search of his old companions, were announced in the pages of Weekly Shonen Magazine in April 2014. Five months later, the first episode aired, produced by animation studio A-1 Pictures.

there Directed by Tensai Okamura, the excellent character design, style and overall performance convince viewers of the quality of the product. A productive synergy that will also be repeated for the four special episodes of Signs of Holy War, which narrate events that happened between the first and second season. It's then up to Takeshi Furuta to direct the second season with subtitles The Return of the Ten Commandmentswhich will be well received again.

Studio DEEN will then take over the production of the third seasonwrath of the godsa burden and a responsibility that continues for the fourth and final season, Dragon's Judgment, which is divided into two parts of twelve episodes each.

Basically, The anime Seven Deadly Sins consists of four seasons, in addition to the special mini-series Signs of Holy War, for a total of 100 episodes. Finally, remember that the continuation of the series, Four Knights of the Apocalypse, will receive an anime, although no details have yet been announced about the animation studio that will take care of it.

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