Neon Genesis Evangelion It is a work like no other, today a real masterpiece that is one of the most important in the Japanese cultural panorama. Director Hideaki Anno has built his little gem through a few references, some religious in nature and others purely psychological.

Hideaki Anno's masterpiece is surely one of the most intimate and authorial animes of all time, a real cult that helped influence an entire genre. Certain elements within the time series have eventually met with critical and commercial uproar, notably this one Rice monologue within one of the episodes.

This scene in particular froze in the author's memory for a while, until he published the book entitled "Bessatsu Takarajima 53, Understanding Insanity'. Anno himself explains: "One day a friend lent me a psychology book by Bessatsu Takarajima. I was shocked by the poems in this book. I was totally smitten. You changed my mind. Here I suddenly remembered Rei's monologue."

A collection scene by the way, a collection of two neighborhood girls stabbing each other. There is also a girl who attacks the boy who gets scared with a knife, right like Rei against an angel in front of Shinji. And you, on the other hand, know this anecdote? As usual, let us know with a comment below.

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