Jojo's bizarre adventure is a manga by Hirohiko Araki that has been in production for forty years. The author's story is divided into different series, each with its own protagonist and its own attitudes, even if there is often no lack of more or less veiled references to other generations or even their appearance.

After several attempts over the years, the series has been known to the public again since 2012 with the version by David Production. The studio has so far transposed the first five generations of Jojo and transposed them into four cartoon series. Let's see Overall, how many are the consequences of Jojo produced by the studio.

  • Jojo's first season, which collects phantom blood and fighting tendency, consists of 26 episodes.
  • Jojo's bizarre adventure: Stardust Crusaders consists of 48 episodes;
  • The third season, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, consists of 39 episodes;
  • The latest show is Jojo's bizarre adventure: Vento Aureo, in which a total of 39 episodes were produced, as in the previous one.

All in all, These four yo-yo series have 152 episodes. However, some OAVs were produced after the third season. In fact, So Spoke Kishibe Rohan also exists. There are 4 episodes on Rohan that were produced between 2017 and 2020, bringing the current total to 156 episodes.

Not to mention that three more series are waiting to be implemented: Stone Ocean, Steel Ball Run, and Jojolion. Finally, Jojo's bizarre adventure may only be halfway through a very long anime that could even reach 350 episodes.

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