How many times did the idea of ​​restoring the anime from Boruto: Naruto the next generations and then let go because of the numerous filler episodes? This guide carries the burden of summarizing the canonical episodes rather than keeping them consistent with the events of the manga.

The animated adaptation of the Boruto manga was born in an excellent light and soon inundated with criticism from fans, who are increasingly resentful of the absurd amount of filler episodes being played by Pierrot study. Despite the hatred of the community, Boruto remains one of the cornerstones of TV Tokyo and the main source of income for the franchise, along with merchandising, given the manga's poor sales. If you're interested in doing a TV adaptation restore, especially due to Masashi Kishimoto's return to the script, the list of canon and filler episodes definitely follows:

  • Episode 1: half canon and filler;
  • Sequence 2 to 18: filler;
  • Episode 19 to 24: Canon;
  • Episode 25 to 38: Filler;
  • Episode 39: Canon;
  • Sequences 40 to 52: Filler;
  • Episode 53 to 66: Canon;
  • Episode 67 to 147: Filler;;
  • Episode 148 to 151: Canon;
  • Sequences 152 to 174: filler;

With No. 175 "Beyond the borders!", which is expected to be released on November 22nd, the series of filler episodes will continue for a total of only 60 canonical episodes, a strictly small number compared to the number of legends presented by Studio Pierrot. Actually, think about it." in the course of 2019 Not even a Canon episode of the manga was broadcast. In any case, this long line of fillers seems meant to end during the Jump Festa 2021 if Shueisha was to announce the next beginning of a saga inspired by the events of the manga.

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