Chainsaw man from the start it was presented as a brutal and special manga. And this peculiarity also lies in the very high pace that Tatsuki Fujimoto decided to take. The mangaka had already made it clear that its work would not be very long, as it was Fire strike.

But the questions resolved and inserted in the last few chapters of Chainsaw Man make it clear that the manga could do the same Do not exceed 100 chapters. Already in Weekly Shonen Jump there was a warning of the imminent end of Fujimoto's work, but now comes another official confirmation from the publisher himself.

Shuhei Lin follows Chainsaw Man first from its creation and then from its publication in Weekly Shonen Jump. He communicated this via his Twitter account, on which he is very active Chainsaw Man is about to end. No frills, no twists and turns, the announcement is further confirmation that Tatsuki Fujimoto's story won't last long.

Now very little remains to be seen: Denji has to deal with himself and against the apparently last enemy of this bizarre and very fast manga. On MangaPlus today, November 20, chapter 94 and the current volume of will be published Chainsaw You could end up with Chapter 97. Does that mean there are only three weeks left to live in Weekly Shonen Jump's violent manga? Meanwhile, information about the possible anime of Chainsaw Man is expected at the next Jump Festa in December.

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