The story prepared by Masami Kurumada in the 80s, known as Saint Seiya in Japan and mainly as Knights of the Zodiac in Italythrew us into a world inspired in part by ancient Greece with the reincarnation of Lady Athena surrounding herself with some warriors.

During the story we first met Seiya or Pegasus according to Italian synchronization, who then gradually surrounded himself with loyal friends such as Sirius the dragon, Crystal the swan, Andromeda of the constellation of the same name and Ikki the phoenix. Five mighty warriors who shaped the deeds of Saint Seiya, ma How many are the knights of the zodiac in the service of Athena??

The answer, of course, lies in the constellations. For 88 constellations there are 88 fighters and in fact the knights are also known as those 88 warriors of Athena. These are divided into forty-eight bronze knights, twenty-four silver knights, twelve golden knights, which correspond to the constellations of the western zodiac, and four knights wearing an unknown type of armor. If we were to add Athena, wearing divine armor, the number would increase to 89.

Consequently, each constellation has its own warrior. Saint Seiya did not show all of these warriors, with some stars with no matching fighter. Were you familiar with Masami Kurumada's grueling work routine while creating the manga?

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