The case Act age It has few precedents in Japanese publishing history, least of all in Weekly Shonen Jump, the most-visited Japanese magazine in the world. After the mangaka was arrested for indecent acts against minors, the revocation of the manga was a necessary condition to put an end to the dire situation.

Was responsible for the violence of the perpetrator Shiro Usazaki, the Act Age designer who lost her job and her place in the magazine most sought after by any aspiring manga artist because of her colleague. Recently the author returned to speak about the case, in this case to express it all their solidarity a Those who have "spoke valiantly about the incident despite the shock and fearIndeed, Usazaki insisted that the wounds of 'sexual violence' do not heal naturally, as only one detail - visual or not - can bring the frightening tragedy back to the surface.

Exactly for this reason, he therefore decided, by mutual agreement with the publisher, to cancel the manga in order to prevent Act Age from triggering unpleasant memories. Although the choice was difficult, the author asked fans not to hate or blame the victims in question, as the cancellation is not their fault. He also stressed the importance of recognizing this It is not a mistake to report such violence.

He then urged fans to pay attention to what is or is not being said in a manga, although he couldn't help but thank everyone who finds a purpose or opportunity for "redemption" in the comics. He concluded the statement in the hope that the victims of the ambush would receive appropriate treatment and lead peaceful lives.

As for you, what do you think of Shiro Usazaki's words instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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