According to the latest episode of Pokémon explorationThe anime is preparing to advance the growth and characterization of Ash, who must prepare for new obstacles in order to improve as a Pokémon trainer. In any case, the next episodes seem to promise new possibilities for the immortal protagonist.

The defeat against Bea lifted the Ash's current limits who until that moment had managed to win against practically every opponent. This blow will therefore serve the legendary protagonist to hone his skills and become capable enough to regain his revenge and have a chance against the champion of the Galar region. Leon. If next week's episode is reserved for Go and a possible development of Pikachu in Raichou, the titles of the next few episodes will announce news.

In September, therefore, the Alola region will be back at work and an awaited revenge. Anyway, the titles in question here follow:

  • 13.september: "I am back! Alola!";
  • September 20th: "The fossil Pokémon";
  • September 27: "Ash versus Bea";

A little note suggests this as well Aerodactyl Maybe it's Go's next teammate. Ultimately, we encourage you to keep following us so as not to miss the next news on Pokémon Exploration. As for you, what do you expect from the next few episodes instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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