After years of absence, the Bleach anime finally returns with the adaptation of the icon's final saga Manga series by Tite Kubo, the saga of the thousand years war. The main antagonist of this arc is His Majesty Yhwach, a character that readers of the work have already met.

Yhwach, also known by Her Majesty's name, was born with severe disabilities. He couldn't hear, watch, speak, let alone move. However, anyone touched by his hands was miraculously healed of all wounds, both physical and spiritual. Yhwach's powers within Bleach allow him to insert a piece of his soul into a living body. The origin of the Quincys can therefore be traced back to him. The King of Vandenreich is Bleach's strongest character, however how Yhwach is defeated?

After fighting Shigekuni Yamamoto Genryusai, Yhwach lost his powers. To get them back, he stole those of the impure Quincys, and 17 months after Sosuke Aizen's defeat, he invaded Hueco Mundo to make it his kingdom. He used this dimension to launch his attack on Soul Society.

Arrived before aizen, the King of the Quincy attacks the former captain, finally freed from his captivity. Before their fight begins, however, they rush to the crime scene Ichigo and Renji. Abarai is instantly defeated without even worthy of a look, as is Aizen himself. At this point, Ichigo attempts to punch Yhwach from behind but is stabbed in the chest. However, this was a trap set by Aizen, who had used an illusion by harnessing the power of his Zanpakuto. Yhwach is being passed from side to side by Ichigo.

Everything seems to be over, but shortly thereafter, Yhwach is revived with the goal of merging the Soul Society with the human world. With victory in hand, Your Majesty is struck by an arrow from Ishida, capable of nullifying all of the antagonist's powers. Like this, Yhwach is killed by Ichigo's old Zangetsu.

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