While Code spawned its nefarious army in Boruto 72, Leaf Village is reorganizing its forces. Shikamaru Nara, Hokage advisor and master of tactics, takes charge of the situation. Here's the plan he worked out Boruto Chapter 73available for free reading on Manga Plus.

Boruto 73's colored cover is dedicated to Sarada Uchiha getting together with his teammates called back to the Hokage office. There, waiting for them are Shikamaru, Konohamaru, and Kawaki, whom he meets for the first time since their fight with Boruto.

The Hokage Advisor and the Jonin begin with a summary of recent events and their aftermath. Amado is about to arrive in Konohaaccompanied by Eida and Daemon, now no longer allies of Code.

Eida has decided to devote herself to the paper's cause to meet Kawaki, with whom she is madly in love. This implies that Kawaki and Boruto, the only two who can resist his powers, must do so live with the girl. Instead, Sarada and Mitsuki must monitor the situation remotely.

Use of the eye art of senrigan, Eida listened to the whole conversation. Now that Kawaki has found out about her feelings, the girl is blushing with shyness. Before the mission begins, in the midst of a dialogue with Naruto, Sasuke warns Uchiha that something is wrong. You can feel it in the air Presence of Momoshiki Otsutsuki.

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