Even after so many years of career launch, Hayao Miyazaki is still active. Over the decades, he has consistently brought fantastic stories to television and cinema, and linked his name to his foundation's Studio Ghibli. And now the release of another project that will surely become a classic is getting closer, How do you live?

At the moment, Kimi-tachi wa Do Ikiru ka - still a preliminary title, as well as the English translation - is still in progress. About this project announced in 2019, adapted from the book How do you Live? Very little is known, other than that it has been in production for a long time, being done in parallel with another project by the studio, but will be directed by Hayao's son, Goro Miyazaki. The release of How Do You Live? seemed far away, but now announced details are suddenly emerging.

This was announced by the official Studio Ghibli Twitter account first official poster of How Do You Live?, as can be seen below. Kimi-tachi wa Dō Ikiru ka appears to focus on an anthropomorphic bird, not new to a Ghibli film, or a man wearing a white feather mask with a very long beak.

In addition, it was officially announced that the On July 14, 2023 How Do You Live? will debut. in Japanese cinemas. So the release is imminent and consequently more information such as trailers, characters involved, voice actors and staff should arrive in the coming months. For now, all we really know is that the film's direction and screenplay has been entrusted to Hayao Miyazaki, while nothing is known about the other people who worked on it. are you ready for one new fairy tale by Studio Ghibli?

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