Ever since Yoshihiro Togashi started his Twitter channel, the whole fandom has been of Hunter X Hunter came back to life. The manga had to be shelved for many years due to Togashi's precarious health. However, thanks also to the efforts of his assistants, the author managed to return to work.

Hunter x Hunter has been reappearing in Weekly Shonen Jump for a few months. As of Sunday, December 11th, 8 consecutive chapters have been reached without breaks, but as enthusiasts well know, Yoshihiro Togashi usually releases ten chapters at a time. This means that by Christmas, with the release of Chapter 400, the manga could go on hiatus again. In fact there are only two chapters left to reach that number, 399 and 400 exactly. So Hunter x Hunter is on hiatus again after Chapter 400?

Let's analyze the situation. At the moment it is known that Togashi has written several chapters: the assistant has in fact revealed that the mangaka had already managed to write a large piece of history years ago. The problem, however, is the drawings, with the latest updates on Twitter showing how work on Chapter 403 has stopped. There is therefore too little material for a continuation of the publication, since it would be necessary to have it ready at least until chapter 410.

It is therefore very likely that Hunter x Hunter will go on hiatus again, to then return to a date to be set, which will be communicated later and later. We don't know when that will happen, of course, but Togashi is looking for other ways of working to get everything back out there faster.

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