Eiichiro Oda has decided to completely change the setting after being stranded on Wano for several years. With the'Entry of ONE PIECE in the final saga, the Straw Hat Pirates' final journey has also begun after they arrived in Egghead. This leads to a lot of revelations, also thanks to the many challenges and important characters that one encounters.

With Chapter 1069 of ONE PIECE many more questions have been raised and it seems that the end of the saga will be tumultuous. However, the next chapter will not appear immediately as Eiichiro Oda and Weekly Shonen Jump have announced a week-long hiatus of the manga. All normal except that the same magazine will be taking some breaks in the coming period due to the Christmas and New Year holidays. This creates a rather complex calendar that needs to be analyzed carefully, in which there will be several stations for the different manga.

Because of this, when the next chapters of ONE PIECE will be released due to the holidays in December and January? The calendar is this:

  • No chapter will be released on Sunday December 18th for a break from Eiichiro Oda;
  • Sunday, December 25, at Christmas, Chapter 1070 of ONE PIECE will be released;
  • There will be no chapters on Sunday, January 1st due to a magazine break;
  • ONE PIECE 1071 will be released on Sunday January 8th;
  • Due to a magazine hiatus, no chapters will be published on Sunday, January 15;
  • ONE PIECE 1072 releases Sunday, January 22nd;

So from January 22nd everything will return to regularity unless Eiichiro Oda decides to do some surprise breaks in these numbers, which usually doesn't happen. We will then every two weeks a chapter of ONE PIECE for the next month, as it happens more or less every year. Now it's time to understand what to expect from the ONE PIECE 1070.

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