The Quirk is a genetic mutation, so it has important effects on its owner's body. As stated several times in My hero academyQuirk properties can also affect attitudes, personality, and character of the character in question, and one of them is living proof of this.

Katsuki Bakugo is equipped with an explosive Quirk capable of setting fire to the nitroglycerin sweat he emits from his hands. A perfect quirk for one of the most explosive character characters of My Hero Academia. The boy who always aspired to be like All Might has always had a fiery character and we've seen him especially in competitions or with Deku, his rival at Yuei but also a friend after recent events.

Depending on the occasion Bakugo wears two types of uniforms. The first hero suit was presented at the school entrance and was therefore more spring-like and suitable for warmer times, with a lot of bare skin and few accessories. The second uniform, on the other hand, is winter style with a black suit covering him completely, causing him to sweat even more and expel more nitroglycerin.

And it is precisely this last hero suit that Nana Nya has made. In the photo below is a Katsuki Bakugo cosplay explosives in winterthen with the black jumpsuit with the red cross on the chest and then the usual accessories, in particular the gigantic grenade-shaped gloves in which he lets sweat accumulate to explode at will.

And for a better understanding of the character's psyche, don't miss our insight into Katsuki Bakugo.

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