Titan Comics has previewed several tables of the first issue of Horizon Zero Dawn, comic book tie-in based on the PS4 title of Guerrilla Games. The series is written by Anne Toole, the same who took care of the video game script, while the artistic sector is entrusted to Ann Maulina.

As you can see from the sequences at the bottom, the graphic impact is discreet. The world of Horizon Zero Dawn is portrayed through an effective interpretation, preferring a cartoon style that - if on the one hand it is quite spot on - on the other, it perhaps betrays an excessive simplicity, especially in the definition of artificial machines.

The first issue of the series will officially arrive on the market on August 5th; below we leave you the official synopsis issued by the publishing house at the time of the announcement:

"A brand new comic series based on the award-winning Guerrilla game. Aloy and Talanah return to a new story set after the events of the game! Nature has claimed the planet. The majestic machines dominate the Earth, while humanity fights to survive the inside this new world. Co-created by one of the authors of Horizon Zero Dawn, Anne Toole ".

The comic adaptation will tell a story set later at the end of the game, focusing on Talanah's character:

"Talanah, a strong and determined hunter, struggles to find a purpose after the disappearance of her trusted friend Aloy. When a mysterious threat emerges in nature, she begins her hunt to defeat it, only to discover that a new generation of killer machines is chasing the earth!"

The complete edition of Horizon Zero Dawn is on offer on Amazon at a special price. The PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn brings with it a change of logo, in preparation for the arrival of Forbidden West on PS5.

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