Team Rocket is one of the bad guys in Pokémon. Since Ash's first adventures, a small group of this huge criminal organization has become the antagonist par excellence of the saga. The historical trio is formed by Jessie, James and the Meowth speaking pokémon and by now we have seen them commit so many atrocities, some comedies others not.

Jessie she is the girl in the group and surely many have wondered what it would be like in the real world. The main obstacle would certainly be in the hair, but this certainly did not discourage some models as seen in Jessie of Sosenka's cosplay. But recently there is also someone else who has decided to devote himself to the Pokémon world: Cosplaywithnikole has uploaded his disguise on Instagram.

With i classic white clothes from Team Rocket, Jessie shows herself with straight hair and not with the very long tail that distinguishes her. With the exception of this detail, and perhaps even a little too much makeup, the rest of the costume is particularly faithful to the canons of the anime of Pokémon.

After many animated series of Pokémon, the group of criminals continues to return with its evil plans also in Pokémon Explorations, the anime started in November 2019.

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