It was announced by launching a website and an associated Twitter profile High Speed ​​Etoile, a new original anime about cars. The project is brought to life through the collaboration between King Amusement Creative, Sonic Blade, Yostar, Good Smile Company and Super Formula, the Japan Automobile Championship.

Highspeed Etoile will be used in the near future where technology has enabled motor vehicles to travel at that speed almost 500 kilometers per hour in absolute safety. The world of professional racing is revolutionized with the birth of a new generation of competitions called NEX Race. NEX Racing cars are equipped with AI control support and a special mechanism called Revolburst. A newcomer named Rin Rindoh makes her debut in this championship and continues to revolutionize motorsport.

The girl we see sitting on the hood of her car in the picture first promotional image the series, she dreamed of becoming a dancer, but had to give up dancing due to an injury. As a NEET and a gamer, she is one day catapulted into the world of racing.

This will not be the only anime about cars. MF Ghost will make its debut in 2023. Initial D's heir has already revealed itself in a teaser trailer. The cars of Highspeed Etoile are inspired by the super formula, the single-seaters that compete in the Japanese equivalent of Formula 1. The character design of the protagonists is curated by Takuya Fujima. At the moment it is not yet known which studio will be responsible for the production of the anime, which is expected to see the light of day in 2023.

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