While the Black Clover manga series is back with great fanfare with the release of Chapter 332, which kicks off the final saga after a three-month hiatus, all is still quiet around the anime adaptation. L'adapted by Studio Pierrot has been stopped since March 2021 and with an anime film in production it is unlikely to return any time soon.

Black clover is one of the most popular shonen and loved ones of this generation and the animated series left viewers on the cool side. At the base of the anime's ending, there's a lack of material to work on. Studio Pierrot adapted the first 272 chapters of the manga, which currently has 333 published. Only having 60 chapters to draw from is too few and uninvigorating fill in narrative sheets That would have compromised the quality, as is the case in Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations, it was decided to stop the series indefinitely.

but when the anime Black Clover returns? With Yuki Tabata producing new chapters of the manga, fans would wish the adaptation would return as early as 2023. However, this is an unlikely hypothesis.

In 2023, Black Clover's first anime film will be released and Pierrot will only be able to focus on the anime after its release. Also considering the production of Boruto, it's much more plausible to think that the anime series of Black Clover will return in 2024 with the airing of Episode 171. Not to forget what has happened so far, here is the story of Black Clover in the Jump Movie.

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