After a week's break, we return today with the summary of the sagas of Hunter X Hunter. The work of Yoshihiro Togashi has resumed its publication and the release date of Hunter x Hunter 394 has already been announced, already the subject of various theories from fans.

Two weeks ago we released the Hunter x Hunter's Greed Island saga synopsis where we left off Gon and Killua in the company of the hunter Kaito after winning dodgeball against the Boomer team. So let's continue with that today Saga of the Antichimera.

Gon, Killua and Kaito are assigned to examine an insect leg found on the beach, which they subject to a DNA test. This will reveal the limb's affiliation with one Queen of the Antan insect that devours other life forms whose offspring possess the characteristics of the creatures that the mother fed on.

The queen who owns the paw was transported from the sea to an island called Neo Green Life, and develops a genuine love for human flesh. In fact, shortly after, after wiping out the island's humans, he gives birth to a very large offspring and three royal guards Neferpito, Shawapf and Montowtoyupiin anticipation of the birth of a king.

Gon, Killua, and Kaito arrive in Neo Green Life, with the latter being killed by Neferpito after several vicissitudes. In the meantime he has also arrived on the island NeteroPresident of the Hunter Association, with Morau and Nobu. So the three start cleaning up ants while Gon and Killua return to training biscuit.

The two young men then return to Neo Green Life Pharm, a student of Nobu. Realizing that Kaito's body was turned into a puppet by the Antichimera, the hunters team up with Nobu and Morau to do it.

Then the queen ant gives birth meruem, king of his kind, and dies of the effort. After this event, many ants join forces with the hunters. Even there because of an escaped ant ghost brigade he becomes aware of their existence.

Nackul and Shult, disciples of Morau previously defeated by Gon and Killua, ambush the ant jeedowho manages to escape and gain new powers. Elsewhere on the island, Killua fights with Neferpito and his army, but eventually passes out from his injuries.

The boy is saved by Octopus, an ant he had previously protected. After that, all humans on the island start to reunite with their anteater companions to attack the royal anteater palace and start the attack thanks to a Dragon of Nen created by Netero e Zeno Zoldyck.

Meruem starts fighting with the two and meanwhile with Neferpito, who is responsible for restoring the king's friend to health komugiShe promises Gon to save Kaito if the boy will let him help the young woman. The battle between the Antichimera and the Hunter rages on in the royal palace, leading to a clash between Netero and Meruem.

Realizing that he can do very little against Meruem, Netero decides to sacrifice himself by activating a bomb in his body in order to defeat him. However, the ant remains dying and is saved thanks to the energy of Shawapf and Yupi, the royal guards.

Gon and Neferpito go to Kaito's body, which the anteater finds definitively dead and never recoverable. So Neferpito lashes out at Gon, who, due to the anger generated by his friend's death, unleashes his Nen at full power, transforming both physically and mentally. Gon will prevail in the fight, but this loses an arm.

At the royal palace, Meruem discovers that he has been sentenced to death because the bomb Netero used to kill him contained a deadly poison. So he decides to spend his last moments with Komugi playing gungi like they always did in life. The two hit it off in the middle of the challenge to be born to enjoy such moments. The king, in his last moments in Komugi's arms, asks the girl to call him by his real name for the last time before he breathes his last.

This concludes the Antichimera saga, covering the events of Chapters 186 through 316 of Hunter x Hunter. See you next week with the Saga of the election of the new president.

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