The fight between Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki was left in limbo. With great difficulty, the villain has entrusted his fate to an unlikely ally. To dominate the scene of the final chapters My Hero Academy it's weirdo aimed at rescuing whoever can turn the tide of war.

Dedicated to the mini story arc mutated revolution is coming to an end. Shoji and Koda's bravery allowed the heroes to quell the mutant cause. Only Spinner, now without the slightest reason, stopped to complete the goal set for him by All For One.

The Symbol of Fear had used the motives driving the mutants to its advantage. Believing they were fighting for their rights, the mutants actually fought for them free Kurogiriimprisoned in the central hospital.

Kurogiri's power is capable of turning the tide of war, and All For One is willing to do whatever it takes to get him back on their side. The strategy devised by All Might was to split up enemy forces to fight them in different locations. That However, Quirk Warp Gate could reunite the Supernatural Liberation Front armyallowing the villains to gain the upper hand.

In My Hero Academia 372, Spinner achieves his goal. TO Kurogiri will decide the fate of the war. Which call will he answer, Present Mic's or Spinner's? The answer will be found in My Hero Academia 373, a chapter that appears after a little hiatus.

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