The debut of the adaptation of chainsaw man it was received with great fanfare. After the introductions, the anime now enters the main mission. Denji sets out to find and defeat the Gun Devil. However, the fourth division fell into the trap.

In Chainsaw Man 1x05, Denji has found a new purpose in life. Dissatisfied after feeling Power's breasts, the protagonist receives a promise from Makima that he can express any wish he wants. In return, he will have to do it Kill the Devil Guna mysterious enemy that appeared for just five minutes and killed over a million people in that short time.

there Fourth Division of Public Safety Felhunters from Tokyo embark on a mission to find the fragments of the Gun Devil's body. By collecting enough parts of the devil, like a magnet, they will try to rejoin the main body.

Led by Aki, Denji, Power, Himeno, Hirokazu, and Kobeni they land in a trap in an occult motel. The fel hunters are stuck between the eighth and ninth floors of the facility. A devil has locked her in a special curse from which there seems to be no escape.

in the Chainsaw Man 1x06 The protagonists must try to escape or they would soon starve to death. However, the place is also haunted. A new battle will begin in which Denji must break the chains of imprisonment. The sixth installment of the Chainsaw Man anime will debut on November 15 in simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll. We leave you the details of the production of Chainsaw Man by Studio MAPPA.

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