The story arc of Kawaki and Himawari at Ninja Academy has come to an end with the success of the Ninja of Konoha. Kae's assassination was foiled and the princess was able to return to the land of bamboo. L'Boruto anime has now turned with a new unreleased saga.

Boruto Episode 274 started a New Canon Anime Arc. This part of the story, not present in the manga but created specifically for the anime by Studio Pierrot, puts the spotlight on Sasuke Uchiha and his student Boruto Uzumaki.

Sasuke and Boruto have moved away from Konoha to track down a legendary falcon that can fly over a thousand miles in a single flight. However, their journey led them to stumble upon a mysterious organization that captures rare animals for profit. How will this original story continue?

Boruto 276, "Welcome to the Maze," airs November 20. Young Uzumaki will nod off on the Light Rail, but upon waking up he will notice an oddity: he found himself in a different place than where he had fallen asleep. Soon after, a mysterious man named Ouga will force Boruto and the other passengers on the train to take part in an experiment that will put their lives on the line.

"extinguish life", theEpisode 277 of Boruto which airs November 27th, continues the events of the previous episode. Boruto looks for a way to make it possible for him and others survive the deadly game Ouga. However, some travelers will choose to participate in the experiments to save themselves.

Boruto Episode 278, "Musical Chairs", will be released on December 4, 2022. THE Test subjects are now exhausted, but by talking about their dreams and ambitions they try to keep their spirits up. However, Ouga prepares another deadly game. The lives of the passengers are again in danger.

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