As you will surely know, these last few months have been very difficult for the whole market. The arrival of COVID-19 and the consequent quarantine that has kept billions of people closed at home has inevitably led to serious consequences for every sector of the industry, including that of anime and manga.

Between canceled fairs and productions whose release has been postponed, what we have experienced has been a very hard period for everyone and only in recent weeks has things slowly returned to normal. Among the many initiatives designed to restore some lifeblood to all those sectors that have suffered from the economic condition, there is also the decision to bring a series of great classics back to the cinemas.

The choice was made a few weeks ago and now the first results are beginning to be collected. As easily imaginable, the flow of audiences who viewed a few films in theaters was very small compared to standards, but still everything seems to be giving encouraging signs, with another hundred cinemas that have recently reopened their doors. The results thus brought various works well known to the public to the ranking of the best box office receipts, including Weathering With You and Akira appear, all accompanied by some new arrivals such as Shinrei Kissa Extra no Himitsu: The Real Exorcist, Little Women, Haunt and Good Boys. In short, something is moving again and we sincerely hope that the situation will continue to improve.

Speaking of new productions coming soon, we also remind you that the trailer of The God of High School has recently been published. In addition, the fifth season of Food Wars has also returned to the spotlight thanks to an unpublished trailer.

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