The incredible success it has invested Spy x family After airing the first cour of the animated adaptation by WIT Studio and CloverWorks, Keep Making Noise. This time, Tatsuya Endo’s spy comedy is the focus of attention through beautiful fanart depicting Anya in the style of other famous manga series.

In the past, Anya has invaded the worlds of ONE PIECE and others, but this time Twitter user @GangDan_spy has dared even more. The artist has reinterpreted the little girl Anya Forger as if she were the protagonist of Naruto and many other famous works.

As we can see from the tweet at the bottom of the article, Anya was styled in either Studio Ghibli signature style or Studio Ghibli signature style Neon Genesis Evangelion by Hideaki Anno. Also in the artist’s artworks, the young telepath becomes the protagonist of Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Full Moon – Canto d’amore and the webtoon Cheese in the Trap. Here Anya is drawn by Spy x Family as in Dragon Ball and others.

Especially the sketches that see it are striking Protagonist of Detective Conan, with the style of Gosho Aoyama completely different from that of Tatsuya Endo, ONE PIECE and Naruto Shippuden. And which version of Anya do you prefer among these pictures?

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