The fall anime season 2022 will see the third season of alongside the highly anticipated Chainsaw Man and Blue Lock Mob Psycho 100. Produced by the BONES studio and based on the manga ONE of the same name, the series managed to garner an excellent following in its first two seasons, appreciated both for the story and for the animations.

For the third season, given the success of the first two and as indicated by , no mistakes are allowed BONES study The writer of Mob Psycho 100 ONE was very involved in the production of Season 3 to keep it true to the original work while adapting it to a different medium.

Last week, a video of Mob Psycho 100 III starring Teruki Hanazawa, an esper who befriended Mob in the first season, was unveiled. The YouTube channel Warner Bros Japanese Anime recently released a short film Mob Psycho 100 III promotional videowhich could be used for commercials in Japan and lasted 15 seconds.

In the short trailer of Mob Psycho 100 that you can see in this news, he is the protagonist mob, accompanied by his teacher Reigen, his friend Teru and the ghost Fossette. Season 2's battle with the evil espers was nothing short of spectacular, will Mob Psycho 100 season 3 keep the show's name alive?

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