With an average score of 9.17 points in more than 19,400 reviews, the film is Gintama: The finale became the best qualified in the general list of the platform MyAnimeList, Dethroning the series Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which has an average score of 9.16 points in more than 1,566,192 reviews.

Gintama: The finale

The big difference between the number of degrees makes it clear that the first position of Gintama: The finale It is temporary, and in fact, at the time of this writing, “1-point reviews” are already appearing from users trying to lower and raise the overall score for the feature film Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood to the first place. This is neither the first nor the last time this has happened within the platform.

Gintama: The finale

The film opened in cinemas in Japan on January 8th and adapted the last chapters of the manga series of the same name Hideaki sorachi. Specifically, the film covers chapters 699-704 of the original manga, with original footage added. A two-part special project entitled Gintama: The semifinals, prequeled a story for the feature film and aired January 15-20 in Japan.

Gintama synopsis

The “Amanto”, aliens from space who invaded the earth and took over feudal Japan completely. As a result, the use of swords was banned and samurai in Japan are therefore treated with contempt.

However, one man, Gintoki Sakata, still has a samurai’s heart, although one would not expect it from him due to his love of sweets and his work in the yorozuya (a business that makes everything). Accompanied in his work by Shinpachi Shimura, a boy with glasses and a big heart; Kagura, a girl with an umbrella and a bottomless stomach; and Sadaharu, a giant dog, for his pet. Of course, these strange jobs are not always easy, sometimes you have problems with the police, with the rebels or with murderers, which leads to unfortunate but funny situations.

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