The imprisonment in the village of the Leaf, which Kawaki and Boruto are forced into, prevents him from giving his best and enjoying life adequately. Meanwhile, the two are always under close scrutiny for protect her from Kara’s threatsorganizing with the new ally that Code has found.

the Chapter 61 of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations is available on MangaPlus and gives us a new insight into the life of the two boys in Konoha. Boruto meets his friends along with Kawaki who are running around trying to find the rare Sasuke character. In the group’s speech, it is immediately noticeable that the two are practically always observed in order to justify their positions and to understand when they are attacked. As Inojin explains, the village is wrapped in a web of chakras that allow us to understand who is entering and who is entering to ensure their safety.

Nearby, Sasuke encounters a group who are watching one of the code signs while Shikamaru is smoking a cigarette near the Hokage building. Amado joins the ninja and the two exchange some not exactly friendly jokes, but still reflect on the situation and code. In the evening everything seems quiet in the Uzumaki house. Kawaki decides to take out the trash when he notices the ninja watching him outside. The guy right now put a plan into action with a clone and clear its main body chakra.

Nobody but Boruto. noticed it who, perhaps because of the otsutsuification, definitely manages to perceive Kawaki. So he warns him to leave the village, e also Ada. The girl uses her power to find Kawaki in the forest and warn code that is traveling there. Boruto 61 ends with Kara’s friend preparing to meet his rival. What will happen?

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