It was late September when the announcement of the Giant Beasts of Ars anime arrived. Franchise rebuilt from the ground up and edited by Studio Asahi.

in the Huge beasts of Ars huge beasts, then the kyojuu, the giants, created the earth that was later conquered by humans. The beasts, furious, began to eat them. In battle, therefore, the gods are invoked to face the threat. The protagonists Kuumi and Jiiro are featured in the promotional video released on the official website on November 24, 2022.

That follower, at the top of the news page, first shows us one of the giants. Lots of action follows to give you a quick taste of the final product. The anime logo gets a metallic effect and is visible in the last few seconds. So there is no shortage of additional information. In fact, the names of the beginning, namely Hengen Jizai (Morphing Existence) by Penguin Research, and the ending, namely Na mo Nai Hana (The Nameless Flower) by Harumi, are known. The series will be directed by Akira Oguro, already known for his excellent work in Namu Amida Butsu! and -Rendai Utena-. Pictured below in the news is the main cast, which consists of Kuumi, Jiiro, Myaa, Meran, and Romana from left to right.

The poster is by Isamu Kamikokuryo, relevant artist to the Final Fantasy brand, but who left Square Enix after the fifteenth chapter. One can try to surmise the reasons by reading the review of Final Fantasy XV, a video game with a turbulent history of development, but which nonetheless deserves a definite final vote.

what do you think about them Giant Beasts of Arts trailer? Are you fascinated by the anime? Tell us yours with a comment!

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