Kawaki's school trip at Ninja Academy has come to an end and Boruto's anime has turned the spotlight on a special mission from Sasuke Uchiha. So a new Mini has begun Original anime saga called Maze of Games.

After Sasuke manages to train a Thousand Mile Hawk, theUchiha is back on the trail of code, the last survivor of the Kara organization. Boruto was involved in a mysterious accident instead.

Asleep on the Fulmitreno that was supposed to take him back to Leaf Village, when Boruto wakes up he finds himself in an unknown location, a Space from which it is impossible to escape. Surrounded by various other ninjas from other countries and civilians, he receives a message from an old man named Ouga. Those present become victims of his terrible experiments.

In Boruto 276, the protagonist made it out alive from the test of collapse and managed to save numerous other contestants. However, not everyone intends to cooperate and there are even those who are willing to do so kill others to save your own life.

There are still four attempts to complete to gain freedom. Where will the next one be? Ouga Games Maze Experiment? Episode 277 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations titled "Vite al terminus" will air simulcast streaming on Crunchyroll on November 27th, 2022.

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