Once the Galactic War saga in The Knights of the Zodiac comes to an end, an even more difficult challenge awaits Pegasus and his companions. The bronze saints dedicated to Lady Isabel, who claims to be the reincarnation of the goddess Athena, must now face it Golden Knights of the Great Temple led by Arles.

Disappointed with the disappearance of the Holy Armor, the High Priest of the Temple of Athena calls his strongest men to him, ie twelve knights bearing the sacred remains of gold. The call is answered by the Gold Saints of Scorpio, but it is the Gold Knights of Leo who decide to take care of the matter. In fact, he is the younger brother of Mycenae, who wore the Archer's armor. After reliving her brother's story, Ioria del Leone sets out in search of Pegasus, but is moved to pity by Tisiphone's sacrifice and decides to return home. At this point, however, three Silver Knights attack Seiya, who is saved by the sudden appearance of Sagitter's armor. Wearing the golden cloth, Pegasus defeats his opponents, and as he is about to fight Ioria furiously at the sight of his brother's armor, he is surprised by Isabel's intervention, which manages to convince him of her identity.

Lady Isabel and her Knights of the Zodiac therefore decide to face Arles, but once at the Great Temple, the reincarnation of Athena is hit by an arrow shot by Betelgeuse. Seiya, Hyoga, Shiryu and Shun only have twelve hours before the arrow kills the woman, and to prove the truth they must scale the twelve houses of the zodiac, each presided over by a golden saint.

After passing the house, guarded by his friend Mur dell'Ariete, Pegasus awakens the seventh sense Defeat Aldebaran, who presides over the second house of the constellation Taurus. The Guardian of the Third House is the Knight of the Twins, but who sends Hyoga to another dimension, saved by Andromeda's chain. However, Hyoga awakens in the presence of the Knight of Aquarius, Camus, who seals him in an ice coffin.

The Fourth House is the scene of the clash between the Knight of Cancer, Death Mask, and Shiryu the Dragon, who sheds his armor and decides to sacrifice himself and defeat his rival. In the fifth house Pegasus meets Ioria, who was however hypnotized by Arles. It will be the death of noble Cassios for the golden knight of the lion to regain his sanity.

In the sixth house, the Bronze Saints meet Virgo, who is considered the closest man to God. It will be the return of Ikki the Phoenix to put an end to this legendary battle. In the seventh house, the protagonists find Hyoga. Imprisoned in Camus' ice coffin, he is saved thanks to one of the Armor of Libra's weapons, a golden knight who is actually Shiryu's master.

The 8th house is that of Milo of Scorpio, defeated by Hyoga. After passing through the Archer's house, the Bronze Horsemen find themselves in the tenth, led by Shura the Capricorn. TO Defeating his Excalibur is Shiryu with the dragon's abundance.

The 11th house is Aquarius, where Hyoga finally has a chance to get revenge on Camus. The Last House is ruled by Aphrodite, the golden knight in the Pisces constellation. His roses are coming Jokes from the Andromeda Nebula.

The last fight is the one that sees busy Pegasus versus Arles, whose true identity is that of the Golden Knight of Gemini, Gemini Saga. After an uphill battle and after revealing the truth of his act, Saga commits suicide in the arms of Lady Isabel, recognized as the goddess Athena.

there Saint Seiya Shrine Saga ends in Chapter 46 of the manga series and is adapted from episodes 42 to 73 of the anime series. We say goodbye to an interview with the writers of the Saint Seiya Time Odyssey spin-off.

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