With a mysterious video, the immensely popular company makes Studio Ghibli announced a collaboration with lucasfilmthe American film production company founded by George Luke 1971 world famous for producing the complete saga of war of stars and other hits like Indiana Jonesamong other franchises.

lucasfilm It is considered a leader in the development of new technologies in the fields of special effects, sound and computer animation. In the meantime, Studio Ghibli remains a poster child of the anime industry in terms of prestige and traditional animation technique, the latter being at odds with the other company's ideology.

On the other hand, if the collaboration relates to an animation project based on war of starsit wouldn't be this franchise's first foray into the world of Japanese animation. Star Wars: Visions was an anthology series (a compilation of episodes, unrelated to each other) created for Disney Plus. It was produced by Lucasfilm animationbut the nine short films were produced by seven Japanese animation studios: Kamikaze Douga, twin engine, Deduction, gene studio, cinema citrus, Production IG Y Science SARUeach of which tells a different story based on the universe of the franchise.

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