Dragon Ball great not only picked up the story where it ended after the Majin Buu saga, but also had the task of reviving a character who until then, Vegeta, had declared the supremacy of Goku. The Saiyan Prince has finally returned to center stage in this sequel.

Toriyama and Toyotaro They didn't stop there, however, as they wanted to work on the characterization of Vegeta, the warrior's feelings, and his will to redeem. Everything became even clearer with a new and incredible power-up, the deadly Ultra Ego, which combines the zeal of the Saiyans with the Hakai of a God of Destruction.

This unprecedented shape has garnered huge acclaim on the web, thanks in part to the new colors unlike those of Goku's Ultra Instinct. A Japanese artist, a certain one, in this now famous transformation cockatoo, devoted to an illustration that you can also see at the bottom of the news. In fact, we notice the prince with his clothes torn, the earring on his left ear and a fearless look, ideal for changing the wallpaper of your smartphone.

In your opinion, how will theUltra Ego by Vegeta in the future? As usual, let us know what you think with a comment below.

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