In Boruto 72 Code he made his first move. After being betrayed by his own companions, the heir to Isshiki Ootsutsuki's will smashed the Ten-Tails to create a small but deadly army. Konoha must prepare for a new invasion.

A few days after the official release on the digital platform MangaPlus, the first spoilers of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations Chapter 73 have appeared on the web. The cover will star Sarada Uchiha, in full green. According to Kishimoto, Sarada is the female version of Sasuke.

In the chapter that will be released on September 20th, the Team 7 is called back to the Hokage office, where Shikamaru, Sumire and Konohamaru are also present. The advisor informs those present about the kidnapping of Amado, who however managed to break free and recruit two new allies, and the lifting of Code's borders. Team 7 is getting a new mission codenamed "ROOM-SHARING". Boruto and Kawaki must always stay next to Eidaas its power has no effect on Ootsutsuki.

Meanwhile, Eida, Daemon, and Amado take advantage of this senrigan of the girl to listen to the conversation. Eida blushes, Shikamaru reveals to Kawaki that the girl has a crush on him.

As a result, Sarada points out that she and Mitsuki must monitor the group remotely. In the affirmative, Shikamaru warns to watch out for Eida's powers anyway. In the latest spoiler panel, Kawaki warns of this Presence of Momoshiki Ootsutsuki.

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