Fumetsu no Anata e Anime will be postponed until April 2021

Japanese television NHK announced that the anime adaptation of the manga will be written and illustrated by Yoshitoki ooima, Fumetsu no Anata e (also known as For your eternity) will be postponed and released until April 2021 due to production issues due to the impact of COVID-19 in Japan.

Fumetsu no Anata e

Ooima started publishing the manga in the magazine Weekly Shonen Magazine from the publisher Kodansha The publisher published the thirteenth compiled volume on July 17th.


  • Reiji Kawashima like Fushi.
  • Kenjiro Tsuda as El Espectador.
  • Rie Hikisaka like March.
  • Aya Uchida like Parona.
  • Rikako Aikawa like Pioran.
  • Mitsuki Saiga like Hayase.

Production team

  • Masahiko murata ((Naruto Shippuden, Small steps) is responsible for directing the anime in the studios Brain base.
  • Shinzou Fujita ((Shin Megami Tensei Devil children, Duel Masters Cross) is responsible for the composition of the series.
  • Koji Yabuno ((Uchuu Kyoudai, Naruto Shippuden) is responsible for the character design.

Summary of Fumetsu no Anata e

"That," a mysterious immortal life form, is sent to earth with no emotion or identity. "That" can, however, take the form of its surroundings as long as they make contact at least once.

First, "that" was a sphere. Then he mimicked the shape of a rock. As the temperature dropped and the snow fell on the moss, "that" took the form of moss. When a wounded and lone wolf hobbled in and collapsed to death, "it" took the form of an animal. After all of this, he eventually regained consciousness and began traversing the empty tundra until he found a child.

The boy lives alone in an abandoned village where adults existed long ago while he searched for the paradise that is supposed to exist beyond the white tundra. However, his efforts were in vain and now the boy is in critical condition.

In the form of the boy, "the" undertook a new, endless journey in search of new experiences, places and people.

Source: Crunchyroll

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