While the conflict between heroes and villains develops more and more in the main series of My Hero Academia, in the narrative arc of the war of liberation of the paranormal there is separation Vigilante My Hero Academia Illegale nearing its epic conclusion.

In the last installment of the series, we saw Midnight shamelessly lied to then-number one pro hero, Enji Todoroki, also known as Endeavor. After the terrible clash with the number six main opponent, the young Pop Step found himself not only under the control of the Quirk Queen Bee, but also under the influence of the drug contained in the bullet fired by the villain.

While The Crawler hits number six, Midnight uses his power to fall asleep Pop Step and stop the onslaught of bees in the girl's body for a moment. However, Koichi suddenly has to find protection, as Endeavor will enter the scene in a few minutes with a very strong attack.

Midnight, unsure how to cover the vigilante, tells Endeavor that The Crawler escaped shortly before. A lie that was enough to save Koichi, even as the final confrontation approaches.

Recall that Chapter 283 of My Hero Academia was released, and we're leaving you to announce a new anime for My Hero Academia.

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