In the past few days Toei animation announced box office earnings for January 1 through December 31, 2022, underlining that films such as ONE PIECE: RED and The First Slam Dunk had significant weight in the recorded numbers. Let's find out all the data that the company has released in terms of revenue in 2022.

It's been many years since Toei came close to 2009's box office total of at least 18 billion yen, and today the company has managed to nearly double that figure to hit a record 32.5 billion yen, about 227 million euros at the current exchange rate. A stratospheric number that underscores the company's pivotal position in the industry.

With a total of 23,646,555 tickets sold worldwide Toei has proven himself competent on the films of the past year and also unbeatable when it comes to marketing. Few franchises can hope for as much publicity as they get ONE-PIECE: RED or Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero before it was released in cinemas, and right from the last film based on Eiichiro Oda's universe, she was one of the great protagonists of this disc.

The Mugiwara's latest adventure alone netted Toei 19 billion yen, and we find out soon after The first slam dunk, which has already reached 7.6 billion in revenue with 5.2 tickets sold in just 40 days of its release. What do you think of Toei's extraordinary record? Tell us in the comments section.

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