The first season of chainsaw man turned out to be one of the best products in the industry in 2022. MAPPA artists were able to convey the outrageous violence of many of the scenes in Fujimoto's work, as well as the drama of Aki's backstory, which instead received no respect at all from an American bookstore.

As many of you will remember, the family of Aki Hayakawa She was exterminated by the Gun Devil during the winter season, who will continue to hold some weight in her life, both for the decision to become a slayer to destroy him for good, and for events that we will see as the series progresses. Quickly told in the anime's fifth installment, Aki's past remains one of the most tragic of the entire series, and for this reason some fans were surprised to see a singular Arrangement of the manga in a Barnes & Noble bookstore.

In the short video at the bottom of the page, a tiktoker shares the hilarious reaction to the reveal of the ninth volume of Chainsaw Man below the section "adventures in the snow“. It's not clear if this is a glitch or a sad joke related to Fujimoto's work, but in a short time the video went viral and the community was divided between those who appreciated the gimmick and those who liked it instead felt as an insult to Aki's story. As always, let us know yours by leaving a comment below.

Finally, we remind you that Himeno has been honored in two great cosplays and leave you with the top 3 monsters you met in Chainsaw Man season 1.

@katie_chan I want to speak to whoever set this up #greenscreen #chainsawman #chainsawmanspoilers #chainsawmanmanga #snowballfight ♬ Happy happy haaaaaaaaa - 🇨🇦

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