The success of Spy x Family is pushing the spring anime schedule forward, but the focus is already fully on the fall season. Beginning in October, the community awaits the release of the most anticipated titles, including My Hero Academia Season 6. Gli Anime fall 2022are the most promising of all time.

Fans are ready to skip summer to get their hands on the fall 2022 anime season. the richest and most promising of all time. The community is already drooling, but will the high expectations be met?

Never before has the Japanese anime industry so closely scheduled the release of so many promising titles. A number of headlines will appear from October 2022, including My hero academia season 6expected from the OVA of Boku no Hero Academia coming out this summer, the second Cour of Spy x Family and the very latest Season 3 of Mob Psycho 100.

Not only that, but in Fall 2022 Bleach also returns with the Thousand-Year Blood War arc Golden Kamuy. To your eternity season 2, Gundam: The Witch of Mercury and Uzumaki. New episodes of JoJo Stone Ocean's Bizarre Adventure will also be available on Netflix. Finally, I look forward to new information chainsaw man, Blue Lock's release window was recently revealed. The date with the sporty Battle Royale is scheduled for October 2022. And you, which of these titles are you waiting for the most?

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