Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 is finally available on MangaPlus and has lived up to expectations. After the cliffhanger of chapter 69, the manga actually revealed What is the price Granolah has to pay to get revenge?and laid the foundation for one of the greatest fights in Dragon Ball Super.

The chapter starts right where the previous one left off. Granolah stands before the dragon of the grain and is ready to grant his wish. The dragon confirms that he can with his strength make Granolah much stronger by unlocking its latent strength, but if he wants a force that will enable him to become the strongest in the universe, he has to give something back. Granolah agrees, and before going to the Heeters family to find out where Freeza's whereabouts are, he has one final exchange with Namek Monaito, who regrets not being able to stop him.

On Beerus' planet, Vegeta continues to train to reach the level of the gods and receives private lessons from the god of destruction. Meanwhile, Goku and Whis are talking about Ultra Instinct, and in the middle of the discussion, the Oracle Fish claims that Goku and Vegeta will no longer be the strongest fighters in the universe since then A new warrior is at the door.

Meanwhile, Granolah goes to the Heeters family base and orders their members to reveal Freeza's position to him. However, the head of the family Elec does not want to risk any effects from the Emperor of the Universe and tests the strength of the Cerelean by making him fight with the other three components, oil, Macki and gas. Granolah easily defeats her and in order to gain the family's trust, she reveals that she has used the Dragon Balls to become the strongest warrior of all. At this point, the price Granolah had to pay to obtain this power is also revealed: a cereleaner lives an average of two hundred years, and Granolah, currently in his fifties, He sacrificed the remaining 150 years of his life to become a legendary warrior. In total, he only has three years to live, barely enough to defeat Freeza and avenge his race.

Immediately after Granolah leaves, Elec reveals his real plan to family members: to give Granolah the wrong coordinates by accidentally meeting him with the Saiyans. The Heeters got information about Goku and Vegeta from Android 73and knowing that Granolah hates Saiyans, Elec hopes a meeting will result in the destruction of both sides. The Freeza army will be saved this way, and the Heeters will be able to control them thanks to their position and the money they received after selling grain to the Sugarians.

Is everything clear now? Let us know what you think about the chapter in the comments section! In the meantime, we'd like to remind you that Chapter 71 of Dragon Ball Super will always be available on MangaPlus starting April 20th.

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