New updates on the Devil May Cry Anime: this time the producer Adi Shankar revealed in an interview which characters will be the focus of the events of the first season of the anime.

As you know, Netflix is currently working on an anime dedicated to the adventures of the demon hunter protagonist in the video game series produced by Capcom. The curiosity of the numerous fans about the events of Dante and other characters is great, and in the last few hours Adi Shankar has revealed an important detail about the episodes of the first season: in fact, the producer confirmed in an interview with IGN journalists that Dante is the protagonist the show will be, but along with him we will also find his brother and rival Virgil and Lady.

So, from the words of Adi Shankar, it seems likely that the first season of Devil May Cry will focus on the events of the saga's third video game, Chapter Prequel to Dante's story. We are sure that in the coming weeks we will learn more details about the new Netflix implementation, which will consist of several seasons. At the moment we don't know the release date of the first season, the news about the announcement of the animated version of Devil May Cry is waiting for news about it.

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