Each character in the Straw Hat crew has their own way of fighting. There are those who fight with fists like Luffy, those who use weapons like Zoro and Brook, those who focus on other martial arts and physical attacks instead, those who like Usopp and attack from afar instead. By using technology and weather instead, we have nami.

Given that, the Clima Tact is certainly not a new Nami weapon ONE PIECE appeared long before the flashback. Apparently, this stick was strengthened by the Navigator's travels, particularly during the timeskip and recent events between Whole Cake Island and Wano, prompting her to develop other, more powerful attacks. Satis knows that too.

After a very tortuous Boa Hancock cosplay, the cosplayer returns with new ONE PIECE themed photos. This time, however, the focus is on the Straw Hat Pirates' navigator with a gun in tow. Satis chooses a Wano style Nami cosplay but with unlined Clima Tact. Helping herself with a good photo, of course, this Nami wears the blue dress Kinemon gave her when she arrived in Wano, with the long-established Clima Tact throwing off flashes. With this power he will surely be able to electrify all followers.

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