The Boruto anime series has come to an end. The broadcast of the next episode coincides with the end of the first part of Studio Pierrot's adaptation. There Boruto Tails Assault Saga lets viewers down with one final, harrowing episode.

In episode 292 of Boruto, the situation has come to a head. There The fight between Tails and Boruto resulted in Borushiki's awakening, who eventually turned on the Seventh Hokage, who arrived at the scene accompanied by Shikamaru. In order to protect Naruto, Kawaki was able to awaken the powers of Karma, which had re-entered his body through Amado's shady experiments.

Using Isshiki Otsutsuki's Daikokuten and Sukunahikona, Kawaki managed to draw level with Borushiki and save the life of the Seventh Hokage. Mid-fight, Boruto managed to reopen one eye and partially counteract Momoshiki's control, and Kawaki took advantage of this interruption and dealt him a decisive blow.

Kawaki was ready to kill Borushiki but Naruto saved him. Though under the enemy's control, this is still his son's body and he has no intention of letting him die for any reason in the world. However, Boruto does not believe this and drives his father away with his Wind Release. Boruto is ready to be killed by Kawaki to save the ninja world from the threat of Momoshiki.

In In Boruto episode 293 we will witness the aftermath of Kawaki's gesture. Boruto is lying on the ground and his body seems lifeless. Is the protagonist of the work really dead and how will his father Naruto react? These and other questions will be clarified with the broadcast of the episode "Goodbye". We welcome you and leave you with the first details of the second part of the Boruto anime.

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